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Library Posters vs. Concert Posters

So these are some recent concerts I am interesting in attending…

Totalfest – Missoula

Boise Experimental Music Festival 3

It is interesting to me that some of these posters are valued as art in themselves and even go so far as to have gallery shows for them like this. Among others out there on the web (* just do a search on google or whatever *)

This tugs at me to consider WHY library posters don’t receive the same consideration? Where are the art shows of library posters? Are library posters art? I have half-a-mind to remedy this situation and I just might. So stay tuned.

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Pinhole Camera + Libraries

Ask and ye shall receive…

In my last post I mused about having a library of pinhole photographs, well how about mixing that up a little bit and having a library display pinhole photographs? I just received my Huntsville Madison County Public Library newsletter in the mail today, and lo and behold, it is as if they read my mind because they are going to show pinhole photography by Sarah Kittinger in a display titled “Life Through a Pinhole”. I had a devil of a time locating more info on the show on the library website (as in not at all), but Sarah does a good job of talking about mentioning it on her blog (though on an old post):

Also see her photographs here:

The display will be up May 5th-June 27th so if you are in Alabama visiting rockets and BBQ up Huntsville-way, check it out for me.

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I guess I missed pinhole camera day…

Corbis Readymech Cameras

Pretty cool and pretty D.I.Y. You can download, cut out and paste together one from the above website. The instructions on how to take pictures are on the download info.

Wikipedia entry on pinhole cameras

I would love see/create library of pinhole camera images.

Thanks to for hipping me to this…

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IBM Visual Communication Lab: Wiki “History Flow”

IBM is checking up on you! Well at least what people are doing on wikis. Check out their research concerning online author collaboration in wikis… history flow

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visual search engines FROM information aesthetics

I love the Information Aesthetics blog, here they note visual design of search interfaces:
visual search engines – data visualization & visual design – information aesthetics

Libraries really need to think about how their websites, databases, and online catalog appear. Maybe we can take a page from one of the designs shown at Information Aesthetics

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