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Follow-up ATM for Books

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So I contacted my sister to see if she had run across the book ATM mentioned in the last post. Alas, no. But here is what she did say: “No, I haven’t but what a great idea!  I still remember the library that was in a mall in Aurora, CO.  It was only temporary, because […]

A New ATM for Books Debuts

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I think this is right by my sisters house. I am going to email her to see if she has seen this. I will let you know what I find out. In California, a New ATM for Books Debuts – 2/26/2008 – Library Journal Tags: access, books, libraries, service, technology

Evolution: Joystick, NES thumbpad, cellphone texting…

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This is what it was about in 1990. Now it is just graffiti for those of us that remember mix-tapes. Tags: technology

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