We are all educators…

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We are all educators even if our curriculum is self-ignorance… I was walking to lunch yesterday and for some reason this statement popped in my head. Not that it is a great statement or profound. I simply was thinking about how we all are educators in one sense or another and we often forget that. […]

Book Review: The Man Whose Name Wouldn’t Fit

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This is a crazy old Sci-Fi book I picked up at a library sale and read awhile back. It is a story about a man with the last name: Cartwright-Chickering. Yeah that is a crazy name, but more importantly it is a crazy LONG name. In the story Cartwright-Chickering gets fired from his job because […]

Library Buzz Generator

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If you are interested in writing a book about libraries or coming up with something catchy like “library 2.o” or “blended librarians”, try my lo-tech buzz generator below. With apologies to the recent Wired article… chose a term from column A and combine it with a term from column B. Use the appropriate optional connecting […]

Digital Natives… Digital Whaa? Psst! That’s you dude!

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A post in a local Boise blog suggests you can tell where someone lives in the city (and also their political orientation) based on what bike they ride. Strangely the bike pictured in the post is pretty reminiscent of the current ride which I pedal to work. I am not sure what to think of […]

But how does it make you feel…?

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An article on Yahoo talks about the most disliked words derived from the internet. I have a deep hatred for the word “blog”. I find it ugly and almost an onomatopoeia for something worse than it is… I have heard a couple of librarians say they deeply dislike the term “stacks”.  Then we have the […]

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