Morality and Cake Pans: The Rural Library

Morality and Cake Pans: The Rural Library | Daily Yonder | Keep It Rural.

This is an interesting book review of

Main Street Public Library: Community Places and Reading Spaces in the Rural Heartland, 1876-1956
By Wayne A. Wiegand

The review highlights a library that checks out cake pans. Noting:

The resourcefulness of rural public libraries knows no bounds. Tina King spotted this lending collection of cake and muffin pans at the public library in Atkinson, NE. “Since most of these towns don’t have big box superstores nearby, I can imagine it’s very handy,” writes King. “I can also appreciate the idea of not forking over $12 to create a never-gonna-make-it-again fire truck cake.”


cake pan Atkinson NE library

I love it. This is one thing libraries can do right. A simple collection, probably low-cost (I don’t know), and something people can talk about. I have heard of tool libraries, but why not cooking libraries.  Food concerns seems to be a big concerns these days (look at all those food blogs), so why not? Why not, indeed!

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  1. Dan Brusca

    That’s a fantastic idea! Who wants to clutter up their kitchen space with a hardly-ever-used cake tin? I wish my local library had something like this…


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