Reading should be free

30 June 2015 | 15:21 | Unknown | No Comments

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EBLIP7 Overview

19 July 2013 | 8:36 | Unknown | No Comments

I had the pleasure of attending the Evidence Based Library and Information Practice conference in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (isn’t that fun to say!). I hope to post a few highlights!   [View the story “EBLIP7-Tuesday, July 16, 2013″ on Storify] Tags: EBLIP7

Book Cart Dinosaur Graffiti

29 January 2013 | 16:16 | Unknown | No Comments

Untitled, a photo by valiszebra on Flickr. At least I assume it is a dinosaur… oh wait it is an elephant trumpeting its horn. No tags for this post.

An Open World

17 December 2012 | 12:50 | Unknown | No Comments

This article presents an interesting take on making not just information open access to freely use as you like but also product design through modular construction. Basically like Legos or a giant Erector set, the companies mentioned in article allow the user to create their own designs with their products based on the need of […]

Firefly Bookcarts

23 November 2012 | 22:57 | Unknown | No Comments

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